Body buiding and Body Fitness free weight training exercise Guide (3D animation)
Body building - Body fitness
  • Best exercises explained in detail and fully 3D illustrated
  • Teach you proper form for maximum effectiveness for maximun muscle
  • Strength training - best body ever with this must-have guide
  • Weight Training : Complete training programs - meal plans for each phase
  • Get Big and Cut, work your muscles optimally
  • Lean Body Fast and plan for bodybuilding your perfect body
  • Weight-training exercises and bodybuilding a strong muscular physique
  • Precise and useful training log, nutrition tips
  • Expert muscle-bodybuilding instruction
  • Exercise Programs, Workout & Exercise Resource to amplifies your workout routine
body building
  • Abs : six-pack-bodybuilding crunch - ab blaster - carve up your obliques - tighten your midsection - ripped midsection - Target your lower abs - ultimate ab-flattener
  • Biceps : bodybuilding big biceps - bicep growth - biceps blaster - bring symmetry to your arms - Get bigger biceps - target your biceps
  • Legs : Build strength and speed - work your glutes, hams and quads - Work the hams and calves - Target your hams and glutes - target your hamstrings - calf muscles
  • Triceps : adding arm size - burn your triceps - tricep tightener - Target your triceps
  • Back : shake up your lats - Blast one lat - Widen your back - Target your middle-back muscles - symmetry builder
  • Chest: Build size and strength - target your upper pecs - Add depth and definition to your chest - classic pec exercise - Isolate your upper pecs
  • Shoulders/Delts: isolates the delts - turn your shoulders into boulders - shoulder routine - Target your delts - Lift heavier
body fitness
Training - bodybuilding system - muscle-bodybuilding instruction - exercises and routines - Nutritional info and recipes